Major Craft Black Porgy 1G Black Snapper Rods


After the launch of the Black Porgy 5G, Major Craft introduced a sibling rod in the 1G series, the Black Porgy 1G.

“The Black Porgy 1G is available in 3 models of spinning rods and 3 models of casting rods. The spinning rods and the casting rods each have a solid tail model (BP1S-S762ML and BP1B-S762ML) and each model has a rod length of 7’6″, and the rods are made with a medium-elastic carbon cloth as the base, and a high elastic carbon cloth is added in the butt section to improve the handling. The solid-tail models have a Fast setting for Jighead and Rig rigs, while the hollow-tail models have an RF (Regular Fast) setting for Rig rigs and hard baits. Accessories include Fuji K-type guides and EVA material split handles, and the weights of the six models fall between 100 and 111g, which is obviously not as light as the higher-end Black Porgy 5G, but creating a high CP value for the benefit of small anglers is the primary concern of the 1G series, with a suggested price of ¥15,400JPY.

The guide ring is made of Fuji K-type specification and configured with Major Craft’s original concept.

EVA material separate handlebar equiped.

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