Major Craft Finetail Works Tune trout rods


Major Craft has not released many rods with high value in recent years, but with the increasing diversity of trout rod designs today, Major Craft has had to get in on the action as well.

That’s why the 2024 Finetail Works Tune series of trout rods was designed, and the official word is that it was designed to create a more sophisticated trout fishing rig, and to turn that more sophisticated tackle into a more pleasurable and satisfying addition to the fishing experience. This series is based on the Finetail series, but with more details and configurations.


The rod bag also has a vintage texture.

The Finetail Works Tune series currently consists of only two models, one with a straight handle and one with a gunny handle. In terms of the official parameters provided, this series is still mainly a trout fishing rod for mountain streams and streams, and it adopts the current mainstream UD unidirectional fibreglass-based lightweight rod material in the body, which makes it suitable for easy and accurate skillful casting in mountain streams and streams areas.

The grips are made of all solid wood paired with high quality metal parts to enhance the overall texture.

The guides are FUJI K-type SIC-S thin guides.

While there are many solid wood rods of this design, the Finetail Works Tune series is priced at Major Craft’s usual “reasonable” price point, officially between JPY32,780 and JPY33,000 yen.

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