Palms Boogie Walk Alive Metal jig

Palms also famous of the “Angler’s Republic” is one of the best Metal Jig manufacturer and designer in Japanese market. Now, we have the new metal jig design, Boogie Walk Alive.

Thin and long shaped metal jig seems to be the mainstream now, and there is not much change in the design direction of all the manufacturers. Despite this, the Boogie Walk ALIVE still has its own special feature – the disturbing shape design, unlike the uneven shape of the left and right, this metal jig adopts the asymmetric top and bottom of the S-streamline shape, which allows the metal jig to swing along with the tide, and a more stable posture.

The Boogie Walk ALIVE is available in three sizes – 135mm/110g, 155mm/160g, and 195mm/200g – and the price is certainly in line with Japanese consumption levels (starting at ¥1,100JPY), so if you’re interested, take a look at the design of this board and see if you can come up with something even more impressive!

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