Performance Leap-DIAWA LATEO Sea Bass Rods Model 2024


As Daiwa’s most popular shore casting seabass rod, the LATEO has been revamped for 2024, boasting an amazingly high level of base performance.

“The LATEO 2024” is available in 16 spinning rod models and 5 casting rod models, giving it a wide range of models to suit every sea bass fishing need. The exterior design remains in the premium black and gold color scheme, with an X45 structure and HVF Nano Plus carbon fiber. Accessories include a Fuji SiC K-ring and an Air Sensor reel seat. Although the aforementioned materials appear to be the same as the ’19 model, this revision simultaneously improves the flexibility of the rod body and the rigidity of the handle area and slims down the rod body (Model 86ML 11.9mm for the ’19 model and 10.8mm for the ’24 model). DIAWA’s new CC (Complete Control Grip) handle is the first of its kind to be added to a sea bass rod. In addition, with the improved Tip Taper, the rod’s feel is enhanced, and the bait is fully dynamic, making the LATEO 2024 a superior rod that is capable of handling not only sea bass, but other species as well, at a suggested price of ¥30,000 to ¥35,500JPY.

DAIWA’s original Air Sensor cable winder is used for the reel seat.

Fuji stainless steel frame SiC K-ring mount.

The CC (Complete Control) Grip at the back of the handle features a partially flat design (left and right side of spinning rod / top and bottom of the casting rod) for better grip and easier casting.

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