Plug Specialized-SAKURA ROCK BULL Shore Jigging Rods


Sakura Fishing Tackle and Motoharu Nishiguchi (representative of HUDDLE) have cooperated to launch the shore jigging rod “ROCK BULL”, which is not only characterized by full of practical strength, but also has multiple section models to choose from.

“ROCK BULL” launched two models 88-3 (suitable for bait weight of 40~140g) and 103-2 (suitable for bait weight of 60~150g), the model 88-3 is a 3pcs multi-part rod model, the storage length is controlled at 962mm, which model should be purchased depends on the fishing ground foothold of the degree of high and low, however, invited the representative of HUDDLE, Mr. Nishiguchi Motoharu, to collaborate in the development of this shore casting green rod is to make it mainly fishing for large Yellowtail, at the same time to meet the needs of handling Diving Pencil.

However, HUDDLE’s representative, Mr. Motoharu Nishiguchi, was asked to develop this rod so that it would be able to handle a large yellowtail as well as a Diving Pencil. The Butt section of the rod is easy to bend and has a high strength, both models have a breaking strength of 20kg or more, which is enough power to pull big fish to the surface, and the rod can follow the fish’s movement during the fishing process, which gives the angler strong dominance, while the Tip section of the rod has a delicate and smooth setup, which is suitable for handling even a small Diving Pencil. In terms of accessories, all models are equipped with Fuji full twin-frame guides, Fuji DPS reel seats (with Long Nut) and EVA material handles (with Fuji BRC rubber caps), and the specifications of the accessories meet the needs of high-strength fishing, with an MSRP of ¥63,000~68,000JPY.

Fuji’s double-frame guide ring is mounted, and judging from the product photos, it should be the MN+KW configuration.

The EVA-material front handlebar offers plenty of grip range, and the end of the handlebar is equipped with a Fuji BRC rubber bottom cap.

Official website:ROCK BULL – 櫻井釣漁具株式会社 (

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