Practical Series-Major Craft 2024 Finetail Trout Rods

Major Craft 2024 Finetail Trout rod series
Major Craft 2024 Finetail Trout rod series

Major Craft’s utility trout rod series, Finetail, has been updated to follow the performance of its predecessor, with adjustments to the overall material, and the variable portability specifications of its predecessor have been updated to the 2024 generation.

24 Finetail series is mainly for native trout fishing, FTG-42/485UL and FTG-46/505UL are two spinning rods, FTG-B42/485UL and FTG-B46/505UL are two casting rods, all are 5-section rods, that is to say, there is one extra section, which is 6 inches in length. The material is carbon fiber, take FTG-42/485UL as an example, the length of general fishing in mountain streams and small fields is 4 feet 2 inches, if there are other needs, you can easily insert the extra section of 6 inches on the rod, and switch to 4 feet 8 inches to cope with different environmental needs, and the same goes for other models. The extra section is made of carbon fiber and is located at the back of the rod’s waist, so when casting at a certain distance, you won’t feel the lag in casting caused by the soft fiberglass body, and the characteristics of fiberglass are retained.


All the rods are made of UD unidirectional glass fiber, so you can experience the unique flexing and handling feel of a glass fiber rod when fishing.

The taper of the rod has also been re-adjusted for PE line and casting in mountain streams, and the guides are made of FUJI stainless steel frame K-type SIC-S thin rings.

The casting rod still adopts the classic cork and wooden wheel base, and the specification of the handle still continues the curved grip design, which reduces the wrist fatigue when handling frequently in trout fishing.

The price remains the same as the series, with an official suggested price of around JPY15,000 to 20,000 yen.

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