PROX launching a large spinning reel, Zero-One.

Prox Zero- One
Prox Zero- One

With the recession, it’s only natural to spend money more economically, and Japan has been on a trend of affordable products in the past few years. Just look at Shimano and Daiwa launching affordable products one after another, and now this trend is blowing to big game fishing as well, with Japan’s affordable king, PROX, taking advantage of the trend to launch a larger version of its Zero-One Spinning Reel recently.

To be honest, at a price of around 4,000 yen, you can get a reel with a capacity of 200 metres of 6 and 8 PE line, and a weight of around 600g, which is quite a bargain, but there are some reservations about the quality of the PROX, whether it is rock solid or not, and just in terms of appearance, this reel is really plain and simple.

To be Honest, Okuma might be a better choice for affordable large reels.

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