SHIMANO CARDIFF CI4+ spinning reel new products, in fact, from 09 years, SHIMANO has begun to frantically update their own fishing reels, it is worth paying attention to their CI4, at present SHIMANO has been updated to many fishing reels to CI4 + above the new material, known as the most lightweight material ever, with the spinning reel continues to be updated, CARDIFF Series Also began to have action, and in 2012 has begun to go on sale, CARDIFF CI4 + using the newest CI4 + material, the overall appearance than the predecessor CARDIFF AREA, the appearance of a slightly low-profile a lot of the overall color scheme is more or less the same, the difference lies in the first half – especially the appearance of the spool, at first glance seems to be slightly mediocre, but actually look at the physical object, it is still pretty Good, cork grip pill also highlights the fashion retro sex, the continuation of the CARDIFF tradition, after all, Shimano high-end fishing reel are more delicate.

The new CARDIFF CI4+ is now available in two sizes, the C2000SS, which is more suited to wild fishing and stream fishing, with a 3lb line capacity of 100M, and the C2000HGS, which is more suited to management fishing, trout ponds, etc., with a 4lb line capacity of 100M. The overall difference between the two models is not much, but in the colors of the arms, with the former being silver and the latter gold, to differentiate them. The difference between the two reels is that the rocker arm color is silver on the former and gold on the latter to make it easier to distinguish between the two. Although this reel is designed for management fishing and streams, it is also suitable for saltwater use.

In recent years, Shimano’s new high-end smooth gear technology, X-SHIP, has not only been limited to the top of the fishing reels, but has also been widely used in many mid-range and high-end products, which also allows many of us ordinary enthusiasts to get a little bit of benefit, after all, the good things are willing to use it, just the problem of the guard is that this technology is applied to too many grades of fishing reels Whether the future of Shimano for the consumer’s concept of positioning, after all, the X-SHIP system has always been one of the big gimmicks of the STELLA grade fishing reels.

On the left side of the picture, there is an oiling hole for easy maintenance (but still need to be disassembled if the wire gauge bearings get dirty over time), a cork grip design, and a patented brake design for performance graphs.

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