Shoji Yashiki Design-DUO Ghost Trout Shoji 110F Kiryu Trout Fishing Minnow


DUO has recently released a trout fishing Minnow: Ghost Trout Masayuki 110F Kiryu, which was designed under the supervision of the famous trout fisherman, Masayuki Masayuki, and the design combines the rich experience that Mr Masayuki has accumulated over the years.

Ghost Trout Positive Shadow 110F Kiryu has done a lot of evaluation on the body of the bait, in order to pursue higher floating possibility, so the bait body has been made as thin as possible to reduce the thickness of the main body made of ABS material, and internally the core of paulownia wood is used (PAT.P), and on the paulownia wood, the abalone shell flakes with a dazzling reflective effect are pasted one by one by using hand.

The serial number is also handwritten on the back of the lure.

Because of the way it is made, the price of this lure is very high, close to JPY8,000 yen, so if you lose it, it will be a bit painful.

Ghost Trout Positive Shadow 110F Kiryu Spec:

Length 110mm
Weight 13g
Type Floating (fixed centre of gravity)
Price JPY7480 yen

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