Signature Model-19 OCEA JIGGER F CUSTOM multiplier reel


It’s only been two years since the last update of shimano’s multiplier reel, the OCEA JIGGER. Recently, Shimano has released a promotional video and a basic introduction of its 2019 model ocea jigger, named OCEA JIGGER F CUSTOM, compared to the 17 model, the new OCEA JIGGER F CUSTOM retains all the features of the 17 model, such as the precision gear MICROMODULE GEAR, HAGANA reinforced body, INFINITYDRIVE drivetrain, etc., and adds a new concept of Fallever. The focus of the promotion is still on high rigidity, smooth feeling and great power. With the addition of Fallever technology, you can freely control the falling speed of the metal jig, which makes the dynamics of the metal jig more dynamic when it falls and enhances the efficiency of attracting fish.

The Fallever slow falling down system has already been installed on last year’s OCEA CONQUEST CT, and this time on the new ocea jigger, on one hand, it is a selling point for the new model, and on the other hand, it also confirms the universality of the Fallever cushioning system in metal jig fishing. It seems that this feature will become the standard for shimano’s flagship multiplier reel at this stage. Overall, there are five main changes in the 2019 OCEA JIGGER F CUSTOM compared to the 2017 model. The first is that the 2019 models of the speed ratio compared to the 2017 models of the overall increase in the original 2017 models of the 5.1 speed ratio of the PG specifications have been cancelled, the 2019 models of the OCEA JIGGER F CUSTOM are high speed ratio of the HG specifications. Secondly, there is an increase in the number of models. 2017 models of OCEA JIGGER have three spool models 1000,1500 and 2000, and if you want to buy the 3000 model with a larger spool capacity, there are only 2015 models to choose from. This year, the 2019 OCEA JIGGER F CUSTOM finally “collects” all the models, updating the 1000, 1500, 2000, and 3000 models at the same time, but note that the 3000 model is only available in the right-hand version of the 3000 HG, which may be confusing for some players.

The Fallever descending system as well as the INFINITY DRIVE and MICROMODULE GEAR precision gear systems provide smooth and powerful take-ups, high strength, high durability and smooth Dragging power; as well as the HAGANE frame and X PROTECT protective mounts and EXCITING DRAG SOUND as standard.

Improvements have also been made to the handles. Before 2019 models, for oeca jigger, the handles were different for different models, the smaller the model the smaller the handle. The new OCEA JIGGER F CUSTOM has finally unified the handle style, both the smallest model 1000 and the largest model 3000, all use the new ergonomic T-shaped handle with unified specifications. The colour has also changed, with the 19 OCEA JIGGER F CUSTOM being painted in matte black similar to the Stella sw. The two saltwater flagship wheels updated this year have also been unified in their colour scheme, and they complement each other well together.

Lastly there is the weight increase, yes, not lighter, but heavier. Compared to the 17 ocea jigger, the 1000/1500 model on the 19 model has increased from 405g to 430g, an increase of 25g. the 2000 model has increased from 595g to 605g, an increase of 10g. presumably the fallever cushioning system has brought the extra weight.

Line capacity and braking power are the same as the 2017 models, 7kg for the 1000/1500 models and 10kg for the 2000/3000 models. the new addition is the 3000 model which can hold PE 5# line up to 400 metres for larger target fish. The price is not much different from the 2017 models, with an official MSRP of JPY56,000-64,000 yen.

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