Specialised spool design-Avail 23 Calcutta Conquest BFS specialised spool kit


Avail has also made a timely move some time ago to provide more third-party support for shimano’s popular overhead fishing reel: the 23 Calcutta Conquest BFS, with the release of a CQBFS-specific modification spool kit-23CNQ20RN.

Avail is launching this modified spool which is a specialised spool design with a narrow-grooved spool design (MS), the main purpose of this spool is to reduce the angle of the spool to improve the smoothness of the cast; and to solve the problem of PE threads embedded in each other causing snagged threads, and to increase the casting distance.

Of course, if you want to use this spool, you will need to use AV’s own special twist drive lever: WS-23CNQ-BFS-N (price: ¥2,500JPY) to achieve even rows of threads in a narrow-groove spool.

In addition, the official recommendation is to add the use of specialised magnets with this ultra shallow spool to compensate for the lack of braking power.

Officially, MS-23CNQ-20RN has a shallow spool design compared to the original spool. Therefore, there is a certain gap between the original magnet design on the side cover and our spool, which weakens the braking effect, so the official suggests that we need to match the add-on auxiliary magnet set φ4 x 2mm specifications.

Of course, the official also reminds the replacement of this spool requires some hands-on ability, if hands-on ability is good, you can try.

The line capacity of this spool is below:

This spool is officially priced at JPY13,000 yen (excluding tax).

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