Starter Choice-Abu Garcia NAMAZU HUNTER Catfish Rods


Abu Garcia’s NAMAZU HUNTER rod for catfish is one of the best choices for starters at an affordable price.

“NAHC-662M and NAHC-682MH casting rods models are available. For precise control, choose NAHC-662M, and for long distance casting or overcoming obstacles, choose NAHC-682MH. The tough body is made of 30% carbon fiber and 70% glass fiber, and the tuning is setting to R, which means regular.

The double-frame guides are designed to meet the demands of high-strength fishing, and the inner ring is made of SiC for the Top Guide and Aluminum Oxide for the rest of the inner ring. The reel seat is equipped with Fuji TCS style, which enhances the stability when using the overhead reel.


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