“The War Rats Attack”-EverGreen Combat Rat


Developed and designed by professional anglers in the United States, EverGreen introduces the Rat Swimbait “Combat Rat”.

The “Combat Rat” is 15cm long (including the tail, which is 27cm long). It weighs 66g. This rat swimbait was developed and designed by American professional angler Justin Kerr. The body has a keel design, which makes it easy to swim in a straight line. The hook eye flags can rotate 360 degrees, which helps the hook catch more fish. The body joints use the Dual Plated Joint System, which is strong and also makes a sound when the fish is swimming. The Dual Plated Joint System is used in the joints of the body, which not only has high strength qualities, but also helps to create sound during the swimming process. It’s really easy to use – just reel in the line and it can swim on the surface of the water with a wagging head and tail. You can see the dynamic performance in the video released by EverGreen USA, with a suggested retail price of JPY5,000.

“Combat Rat” can effectively create a tail wave when swimming on the surface of the water.

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