Top Finesse Reel DAIWA T3 AIR casting reel


Daiwa T3 series has attracted a lot of attention since its launch, mainly because of its appearance, but the T3 series has been since the launch of the general-purpose type presented in front of everyone, there is no standard micro-throwing reel, now, Daiwa recently will be the latest T3 AIR launched, the T3 series rightly become a “full family”.

T3 AIR other do not need to see, just look at the shape of the words let people feel cooler, with red and black color, at first glance more like a sports car look, the last two years with the maturity of the technology, baitcast reel micro casting is no longer a big problem, and accordingly after the emergence of the BFS type rods, the corresponding fishing reel has also appeared in this regard, both Shimano and Daiwa have actions, this time in order to make T3 AIR more worthy of its flagship status of the community micro casting, also specially asked the engineers of the modifier KTF to participate in the design cooperation to make this wheel worthy of its status.


The overall design of the T3 AIR has a more obvious difference with the other T3, first of all, the appearance and color scheme are more varied, the design is quite cool, because it is located in the micro lure usage, so the overall frame can’t use too heavy materials, so Daiwa directly apply ZAION all over the T3 AIR, including the frame, the grip pills and the dragging power knobs, instead of some common products only partially used ZAION, so it can feel that the lightweight is more improved, and still carries the T3 features, the TWS system wire gauge; and the MAGFORCE 3D brakes that will only be carried inside the T3.

KTF line spool

The line spool is also Daiwa’s main direction of attack, after all, lightweight will only have to improve the micro-throwing, looking at the look of the line spool, KTF’s main work is basically here, and the material of the line spool has been upgraded accordingly, and the use of a lighter than ordinary super-hard aluminum line spool and the high strength of the G1 hard aluminum line spool (5.6g), which is KTF’s strengths in this regard, and the T3 AIR is also equipped with an AIR BLAKE SYSTEM brake, and MBS (miniature ball bearing), the main function is that compared with ordinary ball bearings, small bearings have been seen in many tuning manufacturers.









6.8R-TW 右160686.85.08-503211/158.000
6.8L-TW 左160686.85.08-503211/158,000 
8.6R-TW 右160868.65.08-503211/158,000 
8.6L-TW 左160868.65.08-503211/158,000 

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