Ultimate Long Gun- Valleyhill BLACKSCALE Distance Edition SLR Bass Rod


Valleyhill introduces the Bass rod “BLACKSCALE Distance Edition SLR”, labelled as the ultimate rod for heavy duty Caro Rig.

“The BLACKSCALE Distance Edition SLR is available in two casting rods, the BKDC-96XX and the BKDC-101XX. Developed for use with the heavy-duty Caro Rig in Lake Biwa, both models are set up with high weights and long lengths for long distance casting, and each model has its own main features, with the 96XX emphasizing lightweight handling for long distance fishing and the 101XX offering good hook feel.

The RF (Regular Fast) rod body is made of LRC carbon fiber material and 3K carbon fiber mesh, and the resin content is reduced to achieve light weight. Accessories include Fuji titanium frame SiC K- guides (Butt section using double brackets), Fuji PTS reel seat base, and EVA material. The combination of the lightweight body and titanium-framed guides features a clear feel of the bottom, and the overall performance fully meets the needs of professional anglers, with a suggested price of ¥58,850~61,050JPY.

“BLACKSCALE Distance Edition SLR Model List.

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