ZENAQ Tobizo TC77 TUNA Monster Buster Boat Tuna Casting Rods


ZENAQ has launched a limited-edition boat casting rod “Tobizo TC77 TUNA Monster Buster” for big tuna, the whole rod is full of special materials.

“Tobizo TC77 TUNA Monster Buster” has a length of 7’7″ and a bait weight of 80~230g (100~180g is the most suitable). It adopts the DBL (Deep Bias Layered Structure) structure, and the maximum PE line number is marked as No Limit, and the rod is able to withstand the maximum fishing power of the current models of large reels at an angle of 65 degrees, giving the angler the confidence to fight with large tuna. The rod length of 7’7″ is designed to be able to take care of long casting, bait control, and boat fishing, and the flexible body allows for precise casting with light weight baits. The accessories are also carefully designed, the guide ring is specially designed for 20000 type reel and #12 PE line, and the assist guide is installed near the top guide to effectively reduce the chance of line tangling on the rod’s head, the front handle not only continues to use ZENAQ’s original hexagonal section handle, but also changes the material to high durability rubber, and there is also a full of tortoise shell texture on the surface of handle. The surface of the handle is full of tortoise shell texture, which is both non-slip and aesthetically pleasing. The reel seat is made of full metal, which gives anglers peace of mind even when they are faced with 200kg of big game, and ZENAQ has proved that with the Tobizo TC77 TUNA Monster Buster that caught 214kg of big game tuna.

Official price:JPY 120,000yen

The DBL (Deep Bias Layered Structure) structure covers a wide range of carbon fiber materials and carbon material stacking angles to provide anglers with peace of mind and superb strength.

The Assist Guide flags near the Top Guide can greatly reduce the chance of tangling.

The hexagonal breakaway foregrip is made of highly durable rubber, with a tortoise shell pattern that gives the handle an air of harmony.

The reel seat is made of all-metal and has a Double Nut double locking mechanism.

The end of the handle is available in two configurations, allowing anglers to adjust it to their needs.

Official website:Tobizo – Monster Buster – ZENAQ(ゼナック) | オフィシャルサイト

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