Abu Garcia-Revo Elite II 于 2010 年下水

阿布加西亚雷沃精英 II (1)
阿布加西亚雷沃精英 II (1)

I remember this casting reel was just launched 2 years ago, and it seems that Abu Garcia Japan is planning to revamp all of its twin axle reels so soon.

Reletive website: http://www.purefishing.jp/products/abugarcia/revo_elite.html

Comparing with the previous generation, there is not much difference, but the handle has been changed to a curved handle and the grip has been changed to EVA material, while the other parts have not been modified too much.

In addition, the magnetic brake system is equipped with 3 more small magnets, which should provide more precise control!

The specifications are as follows
Ball bearing : 9BB / 1RB
Gear ratio : 6.4:1
Maximum roll-up system : 70cm
Weight : 182g
Darg value : 5kg
Line Capacity : 14lb/145m, 16lb/130m,20lb/100m

The overall weight is 7g (182g) less than the previous generation’s 189g, and the price is 39,000yen in Japanese yen, which is 1,000yen higher than its predecessor. However, this kind of modification will make the anglers who bought the old version feel quite sad, and it seems that the price of the old version will be lowered soon.

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