Deps 滑行蛙型诱饵

Deps 滑行蛙型诱饵
Deps 滑行蛙型诱饵

Still fishing for catfish Jumping top water Frogs? Well, you’re out of date. Deps’ slitherk hairy top water frog is designed for bass fishing.

The slitherk hairy top water frog is 61mm long and weighs 3/8oz (10.5g). Watching the video, the hairy top water frog swims like a real mouse escaping from the water, and the hairs on the tail give it a lot of agility, the sides of the frog are designed in a special way, unlike the rounded frogs of the Nothern snackhead, and the notch in the mouth of the frog makes it even more animated.
Price in Japanese Yen ¥1365.

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