DUO 2024 新款 Reprush 62F 黑鲷鱼波普尔

DUO 2024 重印 62F
DUO 2024 重印 62F

Bass fishing lures have evolved over the years and basically every trick that can be played has been tried and tested, and in the last couple of years it’s also been the case that a lot of manufacturers have started to turn to saltwater black snapper and sea bass fishing. Black snapper are a great introduction to saltwater fishing because they tend to stay in shallow water during the summer and are relatively omnivorous.

Today we have the Bay Roof Riplash 62F Black Snapper Pencil from DUO, which is a very easy to use.


The 62f’s most distinctive feature is the through-mouth design, but it’s not the first time this design has been seen.

However, because the 62f is primarily designed to go Zig Zag, this hole is mainly used to inhibit movement distance and will be easier to hook for smallmouth like black snapper.

With a mouth zig-zag lure capable of creating more disturbance and rattling, fishing in brackish water where fish density is very low can entice a much wider range of fish than a regular zig-zag bait.


The 62f uses a tungsten bead as a counterweight, placed at the very end, which presents a very large angle when floating.
Also, the centralized weight in the tail improves the casting distance.

Such a counterweight combined with the port enables the 62f to come out of a zig-zag shape with the tail swinging in the center, and the tail hook to stay in a straight line.

Because black seabream primarily chases bites rather than inhales them like sea bass, this design improves hook-up rates.

[Length] 62mm
[Weight] 7.5g
[Price] JPY1650yen

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