Ecogear Aquraba & Jukusei Tairaba Aqua 系列


Ecogear, as a pioneer in the lure of sea bream system, will not miss the sea bream ball feast. Although the TG Aquraba Head made of tungsten steel does not have any attractive selling point, which is just to enhance the sensation of the impact and the advantages of the material such as quick sinking, but don’t forget that Ecogear is a big manufacturer of soft baits! It’s only natural to use biochemical materials to make ribbon-like soft baits, not to mention that it can also enhance the effect of fish attraction.

The spiral wire on the hook reinforces the bait and reduces the chance of it falling off.

There are currently two types of soft baits match to the rubber jig available.

Jukusei Taibara Aqua Kuwase Curly Slim, curly tail model, 75mm long, 12 per pack, ¥800 in JPY.

Assembly method.

Aquraba Rig Kuwase model comes in a pack of three for ¥750 in JPY

AQURABA RIG model is available in a pack of two for ¥700 in JPY currency.

The price difference between the two replacement hooks is not that big, but the official word is that the longer single hook of the AQURABA RIG model will give the soft bait a more natural flutter.


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