Golden Mean Light River Flow 溪流钓竿


Golden Mean introduces the Light River Fry, a stream small fishing rod that targets a variety of freshwater light fish.

“Light River Fry has launched two spinning rod models, the LRFS-50 and the LRFS-56, with the weights of the applicable baits ranging from 0.6 to 4g and 0.9 to 5g respectively, with the body of the rods is mainly made of fiberglass (98%), and #1 section of the rods (Belly~Tip) is also a solid body design, which is not only used to cope with small baits such as spoon or spinner, but also allows anglers to fully interact with small fish when using these rods. Spinner and other small baits, when hooked, will not allow small fish to fly out of the water to hit the water, so anglers can fully interact with small fish when using this rod, accessories include Fuji manufacturer guide ring, EVA material separate handle and Fuji manufacturer reel seat, the price is also quite affordable, the suggested price of ¥ 11,000 ~ 12,000JPY.

The number of relays for all models is set to 2pcs and the parallel relay design is adopted.

Fuji’s factory-made guide rings are loaded.

Fuji’s factory-made reel seat and EVA material detachable handlebar mounts.

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