JACKALL Jimmy Henge 42 强力盐小鱼饵

JACKALL Jimmy Henge 42 强力盐
JACKALL Jimmy Henge 42 强力盐

Jackall has recently launched an alien lure called the JIMMY HENGE42 POWER SALT, which is very “chic” in appearance and can perform fast escape maneuvers underwater. The body of the lure is made of a special material that can be used without a counterweight or with a fishing set, and can be used in water. Presenting the dynamic effect of simulating small underwater creatures, it can simulate the action in normal activities as well as , the effect of feeling and searching the danger and quickly escaping the reaction! The official test also shows that its effect is very good.

The dynamics of this model are similar to the swimming effect of some small, cavernous aquatic animals with tentacles, and this shape of bait is a curious attraction for the wilier bass that have seen the big time and can sometimes be effective.

The fish can be highly enticed by the super slow entry drop and the sudden quick escape maneuver.

When you make a fast-twitching operation, the body part in front of the bait will create a big push wave. Combined with the dynamic effect created by the small tentacles around the periphery, when you operate and then suddenly brake motionless, resulting in a stop of the action, this sudden stop of the action for the aggressive fish is a great temptation, it is easy to induce a reaction bite.

The Jimmyhenge Power Salt series is made from a mixture of microsalt and very fine granules, as this series is designed with five slender arms reaching out, if coarse salt granules are used, the fine or thin portion of the reach may become clogged with salt and the salt may not reach the end of the arm correctly, and if the salt does not seep in evenly during the production, the drop position and movement during the action will change, resulting in the overall overall presentation is greatly reduced. The high specific gravity of the salt makes it possible to utilize the sinking speed to reach the bottom quickly and hide it, or to naturally attract fish to attack it when it falls. The high specific gravity also increases the casting distance.

This bait will be available in September, 2024 Price JPY 825 yen

Official website: https://www.jackall.co.jp/bass/products/lure/soft-bait/jimmy-henge42-power-salt/

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