Jackall Seira Minnow 55F/S 70F/S 80S


The Seira Minnow 70F/S is a new Minnow lure from Jackall. The design of this lure is different from the previous Minnow design concepts, we usually see Minnow lures swinging in the water, but this lure is completely the opposite. This is the least Minnow-like “Minnow” in the world.

This bait is like a dead baitfish if you don’t reel it in. If you reel it in, it only appears to swim in a straight line, which means it doesn’t wiggle at all, it’s just a straight line, and the whole bait is balanced to keep a steady straight line through the water, but I’m sure you’re wondering if this is a Minnow at all. Minnow, but the official word is that it can simulate the condition of some baitfish more realistically, such as simulating some defenseless small baitfish or small fish that are about to turn their heads, which is a good target for some bass, so don’t look at any action, but for some pressure fishing environment, it may have a different effect.

The Seira Minnow 70 is available in two sizes, F with a floating weight of 3.5g and S with a sinking weight of 3.9g. The official price is JPY 1,610 and will be available this month.

Official website:https://www.jackall.co.jp/bass/products/lure/minnow-shad/seira-minnow-70fs/

In addition to the Seira Minnow 70F/S, the Seira Minnow 55S and Seira Minnow 80S have been added to the lineup, both of which share the same design concept as the 70 series, but in different sizes.

The Seira Minnow 55S is smaller at 54mm, weighs 2g, and is a submerged model designed for small to medium sized occasions, and is more effective at attracting bass. The selling price stays the same as the 70.

Official Website:https://www.jackall.co.jp/bass/products/lure/minnow-shad/seira-minnow-55s/

The Seira Minnow 80S is by far the largest in size, with a weight of 7.2g, a length of 84mm, and a submerged type, with the main idea of raiding large bodies of water, such as large lakes or lakeshores like Biwako, where you can raid big things, and it retails for ¥1,710, which is ¥100 more expensive than the other two.

Official Website:https://www.jackall.co.jp/bass/products/lure/minnow-shad/seira-minnow-80s/

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