Megabass 24 新款 KIRINJI 70 顶级水


After the previous year’s big seller Kirinji 90, megabass decided to have another round and came up with the current KIRINJI 70.

Many of my friends around me who have already used the Kirinji 90 have found this lure to be unexpectedly good when used as a popper.

The 70 still inherits the quad opening design to reduce instability at high speeds.

It is still a main flat retrieve lure, which will present an exaggerated side-rolling swimming posture on the surface of the water.
However, it has been practiced by anglers as a popper lure with good results.

Compared to the 90, the 70 is simply a smaller size, with relatively less disturbance on the flat retrieve, allowing for more sensitive fishing lake.

The smaller size makes a wider range of species possible, with black snapper and small seabass covered very well, and of course fishing for bucktails is also a good option.
Although it is not equipped with a centre of gravity transfer, the rear-mounted centre of gravity and the fat rear design already guarantee a very good casting distance of 70.

[Length] 7cm
[Weight] 7g
[Price] JPY1720yen

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