Megabass PROPDARTER 106 顶水扰动螺旋桨小鱼

Megabass PROPDARTER 106 顶水扰动螺旋桨小鱼 (3)
Megabass PROPDARTER 106 顶水扰动螺旋桨小鱼 (3)

Today we are going to introduce the new top water minnow type buzzbait PROPDARTER 106 from our old friend megabass, which is not really a new model at all, but more of a modification as well as an upgrade of the old one.

Perhaps due to darter’s other series of Minnow, 106’s tongue plate for this update has also been dug with a hemispherical pit and a larger angle compared to before.

Officially, this change allows the lure to be more stable at high speeds and also improves launch performance.

The propeller still follows the old one big and one small setup, which creates more splashes and realistic sounds.

At the same time, the added instability makes the 106’s stroke more versatile, attracting more bass attacks than a fixed loop.

This time the 106 is also upgraded with an LBO ll system that has a faster centre of gravity recovery and a more stable flight attitude.

The 106 has three dynamics.

Extremely slow speed recovery creates a large splash on the surface of the water.

Medium speed recovery will dive underwater, mainly with left and right side roll dynamics.

The fast recovery is an S-shaped trajectory based on the Mino’s stroke.

The S-track on top of the normal stroke is actually an unstable behavior, the bait is on the verge of flipping, but it won’t flip if it is properly controlled, similar to S-Crank, but if it is not well tuned, it will spin.

The hook seems to have been changed to a thicker one as well.


[Length] 10.6cm

[Weight] 14g

[Price] JPY2360yen

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