Megabass Racing Milano 高端头顶卷轴,荣获 2010 年优秀设计奖

Megabass Racing Milano 高端头顶卷轴
Megabass Racing Milano 高端头顶卷轴

I have to admire Megabass’s ability in designing products, Good Design award seems to be a routine for them.

This cable winder was developed by Yuki Ito, who also collaborated with Daiwa to produce another model, pictured below.

The specifications are as follows
Ball Bearing : 10BB / 1RB
Gear Ratio : 5.8:1
Maximum roll length : 61cm
Weight : 196g
Tension value : 4.0kg
Line Capacity (Lb./Yard) : 14/120, 16/105

The entire housing of the winder is cut from a single piece of aluminium, with a large amount of carbon fibre composite material to keep the overall weight to a minimum, while retaining the strength of the housing, and the ability to perform up to 4kg of pulling power (but at a price that is scary as hell), regardless of its physical performance, its good looking design is enough to take the money from angler’s pocket.

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