Megabass Zonda 10R/10L 抛投式渔线轮


For MEGABASS, it’s always about updating, and recently we got news of the release of new MEGABASS fishing reels, and this Zonda 10R/10L casting reel, which won the 2010 Good Design Award in Japan, is one of them.

Although the design of the Zonda 10R/10L is very eye-catching, you can still see the original origins of this “brother”, the overall details of the Yuki Ito’s design has become quite meticulous, the wheel is also officially said to be designed to be suitable for close-range precision casting (short-range casting variable magnetic braking mechanism), can throw some lighter lures, but I think it’s just a pricey slogan. The side cover of the Zonda 10R/10L still continues the classic transparent side cover, lightweight aluminium alloy frame and titanium alloy fittings, in order to reduce the weight and increase the brightness, the rocker arm and the grip are made of lightweight materials, lightweight aluminium I-type grip, the rocker arm is made of lightweight carbon fibre material, The familiar Magforce Z braking system is also used.

The Zonda 10R/10L wheel is currently a limited edition model, with one size 5.8, close to 6 speeds, and a weight of 167G, which is quite light, with 8 bearings and 4kg of draging power. Line capacity 0.285mm(12lb) -135m(150yds)

Overall, this wheel is still quite extravagant, and officially it will be available for sale in Japan soon.

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