Morizo Shimizu Design-DePasion FS70XFTGC Fast Star BASS 钓竿


Morizo Shimizu, an old face, has been playing in the North American Pro League for many years, and after years of playing in the North American Bass Fishing Pro League, he has his own unique point of view on his fishing, such as this new product: DePasion FS70XFTGC Fast Star BASS rod, which is in line with Shimizu’s consistent style of Power Fishing, which is completely different from the ultra-fine fishing style that is prevalent in Asia, especially in Japan.

DePasion FS70XFTGC Fast Star, in addition to Morizo Shimizu as the leader of the team, there is also Tatsuro Shin (T-ARATA), the president of DLIVE, involved in the design, if you are familiar with this brother, you should know that he is a designer with very high standards for design and production, the FS70XFTGC Fast Star is still red in the details of the coating, and the body is made of a mixture of carbon fiber and glass fiber. With the carbon fiber + glass fiber hybrid, the rod is designed by these designers to retain the lightness and flexibility of carbon fiber, while maintaining the high sensitivity and maneuverability of carbon fiber, which makes it easy to sense underwater obstacles and bites.

4-axis carbon fibre reinforcement with composite carbon + glass fibre in the upper middle section of the rod.

Shimizu also known as FS70XFTGC Fast Star The main idea behind this rod is that Power Fishing is a more subtle style of fishing than the finesse fishing that is so popular today, a style that requires a deeper understanding to become proficient at, and experience gained from years of playing in North American professional leagues. Officially, the project was developed by a small number of members, one of the reasons being that the development of the rods involved a number of projects, such as specification and design changes, guide rings, grips, logo design, colour decisions, etc., and that it took a long time to commercialise the product.

Since there are a few big guns involved, the rod comes with a pretty hefty price tag, priced at ¥95,000JPY Pre-orders will be taken in May and shipments will begin in August.

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