OSP 鸭嘴曲柄饵


O.S.P. gives “Duckbill” the versatility to go both slow and fast with its flamboyant tongue plate design.

“Duckbill” is 110mm in length (including tongue) and 28g in weight, with Floating buoyancy setting. The tongue plate and body are made of one-piece moulding structure, and the diving depth can be up to 0.5m when retrieved quickly, and up to 1.0m when retrieved slowly. The huge tongue plate looks like the mouth of a duck-billed beast, and it can be swung to attract fishes even at short distances, and it can be swung even more dramatically when retrieved at high speeds. The Crank is available in two materials, the model with “B” is made of Bone Resin plastic with lower specific gravity, which weighs 0.7g less and is more suitable for use in shallow water, while the model with “C” is made of Crank. The model with the “C” designation is made of Clear Resin plastic, and the official fishing video is also provided for reference, with a suggested price of ¥2,420JPY.

The Line eye is equipped with a swivel ring and it is officially recommended that the line is tied directly to the figure of 8 ring for optimal use.

“Duckbill is available in Bone Resin (top) and Clear Resin (bottom).

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