PENN Peak – Authority 10500 巨型大型海水旋转卷轴

PENN Authority 10500 巨型旋转卷轴
PENN Authority 10500 巨型旋转卷轴

PENN has recently launched a spinning reel series for big saltwater giants: the Authority 10500. As PENN’s flagship model, this update also brings better strength and protection for tougher fishing conditions.

The Authority 10500 has an all-metal body with precision machined “Stainless Steel High Strength Large Diameter Main Gear and Pinion”. The Draging power system is equipped with PENN’s proprietary carbon resistance large diameter Dura Drag washers. Waterproof to IPX-8 standard. It is designed to not only protect against splashing, but also against water ingress when turning the handle underwater.

Officially its All of these specifications are configured to prepare for battles with tuna, giant fish, marlin, and other big fish unknown to the world.

Highly waterproof bearings are used in the line roll out to reduce salt crystallisation corrosion.

The Authority 10500 model was launched to form a complete response chain with many previously launched models.

Those who like to sea fish for big game can keep an eye on it.

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