Pudlee IKA LURE JET 常规款


Pudlee is launching the “IKA LURE JET Regular” squid imitation hard bait, the main selling point of which is to create a wide variety of fishing results.

“IKA LURE JET Regular” has a total length of 65mm (including the tentacles) and a width of 21mm. The buoyancy settings are Super Slow Sinking(6.5g) and Sinking(8g). The tentacles are made of soft baits with microwave effect, and can be disassembled and replaced if the tentacles are damaged. In addition to the squid shape, the body also adopts a hollow structure design, when the water passes through the aforementioned design, the label can form a current behind the real creature when it swims. The “IKA LURE JET Regular” can be used for high and low speeds, up and down, twitching, swinging the head from side to side, and even creating V ripples on the surface of the water. The target species include Mebaru, sea bass, black sea bream, and white striped bass, etc., and it is suitable for boat and shore fishing, and the MSRP is ¥1,800JPY.

“The IKA LURE JET Regular was developed with the support of fish species such as Mebaru, sea bass and trevally.

Official Website:イカルアJET Regular – PUDLEE [パドリー] | Fishing(釣具)オフィシャルWebサイト

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