RAID!又出奇怪的东西了!RAID 24 新产品预览!


Takashi Kanamori’s own brand Raid has been putting out some big hits over the years, and with several brand new concepts for ’24, I wonder if it will continue the hits of previous years.


The highlight of the official video is this two-section propeller that is very similar to the UMA design.

It only takes a very light twitch to get out of the zig-zag, and on a slow flat retrieve it will present an“ i” at the water table, and on a fast one the tail will wiggle into a surface wake bait.

This thing is much heavier than the UMA though, weighing in at 2oz and 22cm in length with a slow float setting.


This soft bait combines the advantages of a ribbed bait and a gliding bait, capable of carrying lots of bubbles as well as making a very good gliding drift.

It also solves the problem of thick, flat mimics that are difficult to thread through the hook by using a design that resembles a fish bone.

This way the body of the bait can be easily bent to any angle and the posture in the water will be more natural.

Three sizes will be available: 3.7inch/4.7inch/5.7inch.

Ghost Alabama

This is a “lightweight” Alabama rig that uses thinner wire and, most importantly, plastic sequins.

Fish scale reflective film printed on a transparent plastic sheet, lighter and with more natural dynamics than metal sequins.

1 WAY Hybrid

The previous 1way was already a cult favourite all over the world and this time a new concept has been introduced.

The main fish-attracting mechanism is the flakes on both sides, which have considerable water resistance when pumped, creating a strong attraction to the bass.


Last but not least, we’re going to introduce a very popular soft bait, with a maximum size of even 7.5 inches.

Officially, the use of very soft materials makes it easy for whoever is handling it to shake out a realistic roll.

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