Sense Evolution Abu Garcia ROXANI BC 诱饵卷轴


After a hiatus of 6 years, ROXANI is launching the new generation “ROXANI BC” in 2024, the price is still affordable and the performance is also upgraded.

“The ROXANI BC is available in two reel ratios, 7.3 and 8.1, each with a left and right reel model to suit freshwater and saltwater fishing. The casting system is based on the MagTrax Magnetic Brake Casting System, and the gears and spool are still made of Duralumin Super Hard Aluminum, and there have been a number of upgrades to the overall performance compared to the 2018 model, including a C6 Carbon material for the body and side covers. Firstly, the body and side cover are made of C6 Carbon material, which reduces the overall weight by about 14g, and the body follows the fifth-generation design which is more ergonomic. The Carbon Matrix brake pads of the brake system provide a maximum fishing power of 9kg (5.5kg in ’18 model), and the Drag Clicker design is added to make the exciting dragging sound when the line is released. The handle material is maintained with carbon fiber material and the length is increased to 90mm (80mm for ’18 style), and the ball bearing is increased to 7+1 (4+1 for ’18 style) to make the operation smoothness UP UP UP!

The body is made of lightweight and strong C6 Carbon material.

The body follows the fifth generation of body design, the asymmetrical shape is more ergonomic, making it easier for anglers to stabilize the body and apply force to the reel during the fishing process, and the length of the carbon fiber handle is also extended to 90mm.

Carbon Matrix brake pads provide 9kg of maximum braking force.

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