Shintowa 玩具 B-eye – 黑鲷诱饵


I thought this manufacturer had gone down, but I didn’t realise that under the merger and acquisition trend, it has become a new company – Shintowa, and it was a rare occasion that I found its website, so I just browsed through it.

When I first saw this toy B-eye, I had a similar feeling, this kind of Lua mainly relies on the plastic skirt/hair skirt swinging in the water to attract the fish’s attention, according to the official website, it’s designed to effectively prevent the root hanging, after all, you have to drag and jump on the bottom, but as to whether it’s so god, I don’t know.

The B-eye is available in featherweight and middleweight styles, with featherweights being 5g, 8g and 12g, and middleweights being 20g, 30g and 40g. According to the official test photos, the featherweights are aimed at shallow fields, while the middleweights specialize in deeper fields in the Keys, and the two styles are paired with different sets of hairs.



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